Espai Carme Thyssen


Чувства и эмоции

From June 10th to October 14th

Nature in evolution. From Van Goyen to Pissarro and Sacharoff.

The landscape through the history

By means of about sixty paintings, this exhibition shows the transformation of the landscape and the changes in the relations that society have done in it. It can also be noticed how painting and technical and aesthetic innovations have had an influence on our perception of the environment.

Conceived as pieces to be observed, this selection of landscapes is a fantastic chance to enjoy an incomparable trip from the origin of the genre as an independent topic to our present by works of great European and American painters.

Nature in evolution. From Van Goyen to Pissarro and Sacharoff is a itinerary of four centuries through different sensitivities and sociocultural contexts. They have not only provided a certain way to interpret and show the landscape, but also a link that has been established between them.