Espai Carme Thyssen

Организованные мероприятия​

Espai Carmen Thyssen

Экскурсии с гидом

Желающие посетители могут совершить экскурсию с гидом по Эспай Кармен Тиссен. Экскурсия, которая поможет раскрыть все секреты выставки. Проконсультируйтесть в кассах относительно возможных вариантов и расписаний. Для бронирования


Espai Carmen Thyssen

Образовательное пространство

The artist’s workshop is a recreational and educational space where participants interact with the exhibition. This activity (adapted to all ages) can be conducted by instructors (schools, recreation centres, camps) or be done on their own (familiar visit). They have within reach educational resources to work with the colour concept (artist’s palette, colour palette, authors’ classification by colours, meaning and psychology of the colours).

There are three rooms of the artist’s workshops, where 6 paintings of the exhibition The ideal in the landscape. Among Meifrèn, Matisse and Goncharova are distributed, by a selection of artists and different artistic periods and trends. The creative proposal consists on complete an unfinished work of art by painting it. The children work with paper, watercolours and wet sponges. There are boards in the artist’s workshop to hang the results of the activity.

The educational proposals of the artist’s workshop want to approach the XXth century art to boys and girls by participating in these activities.

The artist’s workshop is on the third floor of the monastery, right at the exhibition exit. The admission is with the ticket.


[Watercolours courtesy of MILAN]