Espai Carme Thyssen

The exhibition

Cities and inhabited places

From June 30th to October 13th 2019

Iconographies. From Sorolla to Picasso and Valdés

Fundación Bancaja Collection. Carmen Thyssen Collection

The exhibition takes place from the modernity of Sorolla to the contemporaneity of Opie. In this tour of icons shares, with the help of the light of Sorolla, an enriching walk of comings and goings from which is built the poetic dwelling of the world, making a tour of almost a century among voices of Valencian painting. Along the way, myths from the past are reinterpreted, expressed in contemporary narratives, which reveal the eternal doubt of humanity and the search for spirituality, which finds art one of its most wonderful means of expression. Picasso full of generosity the look, inviting to see the world from the coexistence of multiple optics, leaving behind the classic and simple look of the Renaissance. Valdés shows that art is much more than its image and its presence, and that dialogue with the past is essential to understand the present and bring dreams closer. The desire for a new era capable of highlighting the essence of life in its complex simplicity is what Opie's beaches express. Iconographies that transport from the light of the Mediterranean to the soul of the world