Espai Carme Thyssen

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Cities and inhabited places

Guinovart Universe

Guinovart Universe is an exhibition produced and coordinated by the Guinovart Space and the Carmen Thyssen Space, presenting pieces from several of the country’s museums, enabling the viewer to enjoy a visit with a large number of itineraries. Works produced between 1948 and 2007 which are a pain to an anthological discourse, defending their artistic trajectory through intertwined circles, and which aim to pay tribute to the character of open work with which Guinovart defined the reason for his artistic search: the gaze of the public that embraces the sense and significance.


Guinovart invites us to observe all that surrounds us differently. He invites us to gaze at the continuity of a dialogue established based on sensitivity. In his analysis of the world, he has explored and experienced the connection with nature, the land, and the surroundings, manipulating the materials, working space, volume and context from different artistic disciplines such as painting, collage, sculpture, engraving or installations; all of which feature in the exhibition.


The exhibition is a universe mapped from two geographies: the first floor, dedicated to a physical geography, investigating the telluric roots that nourish sensitivity towards a turbulent world, but also a dream world of hope, of regeneration. The second floor explores a human geography and outlines a more introspective route, acting as a bridge with his vision of art “as a project, an unfinished sketch, an approach to desire, a simple attempt, the attempt to pick up water with a sieve”. The landscapes of the soul and the souls of the landscapes take us on a strange trip through the Guinovart Universe.

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