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Pepa Poch’s alchemy


Pepa Poch’s alchemy

Sant Feliu de Guíxols monastery hosts L’Atelier – Pepa Poch until October 14th, together with Nature in evolution. With the same ticket, people can visit all the exhibitions of the building. This artist from Barcelona has turned a room on the fourth floor into a workshop that is constantly changing, using different procedures, actions and treatments. Visitors can find porcelains, large-format oils, fabrics, furniture, potteries, sculptures... It’s a universe that changes, the antithesis of a conventional exhibition, which ranges from simplicity to baroque and from everyday routine to invention. L’Atelier – Pepa Poch shows the artist’s creative process, the alchemy that changes the idea into an artistic object. Visiting this workshop that is constantly evolving is an open door to a creative space that is usually behind closed doors. It’s a place where the visitor’s curiosity will be satisfied throughout three months and a half.       

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