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Music, cinema, guided tours and conferences, the complementary activities of “The illusion of the Far West” exhibition


Music, cinema, guided tours and conferences, the complementary activities of “The illusion of the Far West” exhibition

The Carmen Thyssen Space in Sant Feliu de Guíxols offers different complementary activities of “The Illusion of the Far West” exhibition, curated by Miguel Ángel Blanco , that will be on display until 30th October 2016. The concerts scheduled by the Porta Ferrada Festival, the cinema programmes in the Espai Port and the Truffaut Cinema in Girona, the guided tours and conferences are some of these activities that will be carried out as long as the exhibition is on.

Music at the Carmen Thyssen Space, included in the programe of the Porta Ferrada Festival 

The music of the Far West will take the visitors of the exhibition in three concerts scheduled for July and August:

* 19th July at 6pm
David Araiza performs the Apache’s musical trip to the Far West with his banjo.

* 26th July at 12pm
David Morata with his violin and Dolors Vidal with her violoncello make up a duet inspired by the traditionnal melodies of the 19th century in North America.

* 9th August at 6pm
Jordi Ortega with his electric violoncello plays improvisations on folk music of the Far West

Cinema programme in the Espai Port, scene of the Porta Ferrada Festival

Westerns have been present for years in the collective imagination of an important part of the United States history. And naturally, this exhibition pays homage to them with a special room and the organisation of two free cinema programmes:

Open Air Cinema in the Espai Port, the scene of the Porta Ferrada Festival.

* 21st July at 10 pm “The assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford”, directed by Andrew Dominik, 2007. Not recommended for children under 12 years old. Spanish version.

* 19th August at 10 pm “Unforgiven” directed by Clint Eastwood, 1992. Not recommended for people under 18 years old. Spanish version.

Movie programme at the Truffaut cinema in Girona

The Truffaut Cinema in Girona will screen two emblematic westerns in October.

6th October at 8.30pm “Apache”, 1954, director: Robert Aldrich. Original version with subtitles.
20th October at 8.30pm “Winchester 73”, director: Anthony Mann, 1950. Original version with subtitles.

Guided tours

Guided tours are organised at the Carmen Thyssen Space in order to understand better this episode of the American history and all that meant. The price is 12€ and has a limited capacity.

* Every Saturday at 11.30 pm from the 2nd July to the 29th October.

* Every Saturday at 5 pm from the 22nd July to the 9th September.

* Tuesdays in August at 5pm

Family guided tours

This activity is suitable for the whole family to make children and adults enjoy the exhibition. The price is 7€ and has a limited capacity.

*Every Saturday at 6pm from the 16th July to the 10th September.

Night visits at the Carmen Thyssen Space

Summer nights are ideal to enjoy a guided tour at the Carmen Thyssen Space. The price is 15€ and has a limited capacity.

* Wednesdays 20th and 27th July at 10 pm.

* Fridays 2nd and 9th September at 10pm.

Cycle of conferences

The conferences that go together with the exhibition help us to understand this important part of the history. The access is free.

* On Thursday 15th September at 8 pm at the Conference Hall of the Monastery.  “The creation of a legend: an itinerary through the western myths” given by Àngel Quintana, professor of History of Cinema at Girona University.

* On Friday 7th October at 7 pm at the Conference Hall of the Monastery. “An anthropological view on art regarding The illusion of the Far West exhibition”, given by Pilar Giró , artistic director of the Carmen Thyssen Space.

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