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Last Guided Tour at Carmen Thyssen Espace


Last Guided Tour at Carmen Thyssen Espace

There is one last chance to do an extra guided tour through Carmen Thyssen Space on Sunday 18th October at 11.30am, the last day that the Barcelona-Paris-New York. From Urgell to O’Keeffe exhibition from Carmen Thyssen Collection will be open. It must be pre-booked at or 972 82 00 51.

The exhibition was open to the public on July 12th and displays about fifty paintings that come from Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid and Carmen Thyssen Museum in Málaga.

The main thread running through the exhibition is the environment change and it is focused in three cities that appear in Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection. It deals with the development of Barcelona, Paris and New York and the transition from the rural world to the Metropolis. It is a social and urban itinerary that also shows indoor areas and characters who witness the changes of the landscape.

Children can also carry out the Travel notebook activity until Sunday. They interact with the exhibition in an educational and fun way and discover the development of the cities from the 19th century up to now. Children are also encouraged to draw their own city.    


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