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Electric Bach


Electric Bach

The musician Jordi Ortega with a “different” Johann Sebastian Bach will close the concerts of Espai Carmen Thyssen  on Monday 17th August, which are included in the 53rd Festival de la Porta Ferrada programme. For many years, Ortega has studied the possibilities of the electric violoncello and has looked for a specific sound for the Suite number 3 by Johann Sebastian Bach. According to the young musician and composer, “the instrument is the key”. This electric violoncello is made of wood and is connected to an amplifier. It is played with a stomp box and is essentially a handle with four strings. Jordi Ortega’s challenges are to achieve Bach’s chords and play with the sound of a classic. He wants to expand his repertoire and explore new musical ways. In short, he looks for a more open perspective of the music. 

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