Espai Carme Thyssen

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The images of the paintings will gradually be revealed, organised into thematic sets and aesthetic dialogues. A sensory and emotional journey through art involving the play of light and sound. Visually, the exhibition explores different landscapes, unveils the silence of the characters and the sounds of nature, exposing the spectacular nature of these instances captured in paint.

Art has the ability to render visible that which is not. We hope you enjoy this presentation based on light, without which everything would be invisible.

“Room” texts

The soul of the landscapes
Nature pulsates, colour arranges the space and eternity conquers the moment.

Spiritual horizons
Painting bares the landscape’s soul and presents its immensity to onlookers.

Memories of the sea
The allegory of ports and piers, places of arrivals and departures, bridges the different styles of painting.

Ties to the land
Art pays tribute to the peasant population by transforming their arduous efforts to keep nature in order into a thing a beauty.

The search for intimacy
The garden becomes a heavenly setting, a place for reuniting with nature, of peace and shelter.

The silence of desire
Three paintings that portray the contrast between the characters’ pronounced silence and the tangible agitation of their thoughts.

The action of colour
When given freedom, colour has infinite possibilities for constant invention, which may sometimes prove dizzying.

The force of light
Paintings do not imitate, they affirm. Paintings have their own life, which is why each brushstroke causes the world to tremble.

The return to Arcadia
Mediterranean settings bathed in summer reveal a pleasant life in communion with nature and describe the simple beauty near the sea.

Eternal summer
Paintings that evoke long summer days, the awakening of a new age of swimming for health and wave-kissed strolls.

The beating of time
To Josep Amat, the landscape was the focal point of his work, dedicating over half his paintings to Sant Feliu de Guíxols.


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