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Espai Carmen Thyssen

Explorer’s notebook

A parallel pedagogical activity has been organised to complement the exhibition The Fantastic Far West, based on the works on display and focusing on the lives of Native Americans and the Wild West.

This activity begins at the start of the exhibition. With their ticket, each child is given a small explorer's notebook as part of an educational game, with an introductory text and instructions regarding what they should be looking for throughout the exhibition.

The first artists to visit the territories to the west of the Mississippi were imbued with a spirit for adventure and their work represents a dual legacy: both artistic and ethnographic. The aim of this activity is to turn a visit to the exhibition into an experience that helps youngsters become artist explorers for a short while and to get to know a culture that has always been dominated by legend, as well as discovering the fantastic thrill of the Far West.

That's why children are encouraged to carry out different activities based on observation and memory and related to the exhibition's pictures. They have to relate images with the concepts explained in the different rooms and find the work of art that contains the fragments given in the workbook. This observation activity requires children to look closely at how people dressed, the tools they used, the countryside around them, etc.

At the end of the exhibition, after a timeline with dates and historic events related to the history of the United States and Europe, children go to the rooms on the third floor of the building where there is a workshop. Here they're given the answers to the game they've played and are asked to complete the explorer's notebook by including their own drawings.

For those who are still curious, who want to know a bit more or appreciate a challenge, an educational guide has also been published with complementary activities.

*As from September, the Espai Carmen Thyssen offers schools and institutes the chance to carry out group visits to the temporary exhibition at the time.

This activity also includes a visit for teachers and educational material.

Information and bookings (only educational centres) Telephone: +34 972 820 051

Espai Carmen Thyssen

Guided tours


Guided tours in Catalan and Spanish: 

* Every Saturday from 2 July to 29 October at 11.30 am.
* Every Friday from 22 July to 9 September at 5 pm.
* Tuesdays in August at 5 pm.

Price: 12€. Limited capacity. Prior registration is required through the Tourist Office at Tel.: +34 972 820 051


As from 16 July, visitors to the Espai Carmen Thyssen have the option to go on a family guided tour. A route designed for both old and young. 

* Every Saturday from 16 July to 10 September at 6 pm.

Price: 7€. Limited capacity. Prior registration is required through the Tourist Office at Tel.: +34 972 820 051


* Wednesday 20 July at 10pm
* Wednesday 27 July at 10pm
* Friday 2 September at 10pm
* Friday 9 September at 10pm

Price: 15€. Limited capacity. Prior registration is required through the Tourist Office at Tel.: +34 972 820 051

More information:
Tourist Office of Sant Feliu de Guíxols
Tel. +34 972 820 051